Upholstered Retail Store Fixtures


The client referred to in this case study will remain anonymous. They are a major wireless phone retailer and this case study is in reference to their operations in the Western United States. They believe that their retail sites directly support and communicate their identity and quality as a company.  Maintaining their retail sites is of utmost importance and no expense is spared to communicate this to the public.  While delivering this mandate, Facilities is challenged with the reality of high traffic and sometimes downright abuse within the stores.

This clients’ commitment to maintaining the highest visibility standard  brought them to Patriot’s door to create a cost effective program to address the upholstered assets in the 13 western states and Hawaii amounting to over 500 stores.  The assets were wearing out.  In addition to the established expectations to;

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Recapture asset value
  • Minimize their carbon footprint

The program also had to deliver in the most cost effective manner and had to address the most frequent design failures of the original assets.

Their public commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility do not make it easy on their Facilities Managers to meet the demands to drive down operating costs. Managers were faced with the challenge of developing a cost effective plan that addressed the aging upholstered customer seating and minimized their carbon footprint.

Any solution would need to include these aspects:

  • No effect on retail operations
  • A positive ROI
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Tracked and reported accurately

Patriot Logistics offered a complete solution to Verizon Wireless. By implementing a comprehensive replacement program, Patriot was able to replace all the upholstered assets at 50% of the replacement cost of the same assets.  Patriot was able to reduce Verizon’s carbon footprint by diverting 60,000 Lbs. of material from the landfill.  Further, Patriot was able to add injection molded features to double the life of the asset.

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