Fourth Party Logistics Program

This program is an integrated assembly of resources, capabilities, and technology of our own organization and other organizations. The objective of this program is to design, build, and manage comprehensive supply chain solutions. This means that you tell us what you want, and we figure out the logistics and details of how to best provide the finished product. By doing this, we allow you to focus on managing your facilities, employees, and your bottom line.

Patriot is self-performing within our geographic regions, however if it make more sense to send an item via air-freight or FedEx, we will do it because it is more cost effective for both members of the partnership. We do not utilize these methods for sensitive material because it limits our ability to ensure quality.

The integration of resources in our 4PL Program is a reference to inter-department assembly of resources. Our team can work with your facilities managers to identify your needs and then execute all aspects of the project, which includes:

  • Writing the order with our Customer Service department
  • Assigning the warehouse order to pull and stage
  • Coordination for time-specific delivery and installation
  • During and “after-hours” work
  • Removal and disposal

All of our services can be provided on an individual work order or project basis. The more communication and planning, the more efficient we become. By bundling work orders together or executing jobs as projects, we can minimize costs and our carbon footprint.

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