Product Launch and Roll-Outs

Patriot has launched product merchandising and displays for everything from the hottest, new smartphone in a wireless store to new refreshment counters in mini-marts. Our launch and rollout programs are completely comprehensive. This means that we can handle every step of your project, which includes:

  • Receiving and sorting product
  • Delivery and installation
  • Fixture removal and disposal
  • Cost analysis
  • Environmental reporting

These projects are often time-sensitive and sometimes confidential. Patriot Project Managers have years of experience coordinating simultaneous delivery across the Western United States.

If something goes in, something comes out:

With corporate restrictions and direction on store floor plans, it is absolutely essential that vendors coordinate the installation of a new display with the removal of another. Not to worry, Patriot can do it all. Not only will we remove your old displays and fixtures, we will also haul them away and recycle every possible piece. We currently hold a 91% diversion rate for our entire operation.

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