Sustainability Programs

Waste Diversion

This program is absolutely essential to minimizing your carbon footprint and meeting the popular demands for corporate social responsibility. Like our other programs, this does not simply comply with the cookie cutter mold set forth by the industry. We do focus on  recycling, however, our primary emphasis is on the 1st and 2nd tier of the sustainable pyramid, reduce and reuse. Our waste diversion department can be separated into three divisions: Refurbishment and Redeployment, Donation, and Recycle

Refurbishment and Redeployment

This program is part of the core foundation of Patriot. Our trained technicians have the experience and skill to bring nearly any store fixture back to a “like new” state. Our Project Managers will work with you on redeploying them into your stores! What does this mean for you? It’s simple really. You get the fixtures you need for a fraction of the cost, and equally important, you become a key contributor to the reduction of virgin materials used to support your projects. (Reporting available for your LEED Projects)

Adding value to this program is the fact that it will not increase your transportation costs significantly if at all. By implementing our Comprehensive 4PL and SCMP programs, we will already be on site!

Our technicians have been trained in countless methods of refurbishment. Here are some services we currently provide:

  • Paint
  • Laminate repair/replacement
  • Polymer elastic coatings
  • Scratch and dent removal
  • Stone work and repair: Corian countertops and fixtures
  • Custom acrylic refurbishment and replacement for merchandise displays
  • Replacement/repair of miscellaneous clips, springs, locks, etc.
  • Testing and refurbishment of electronic loss prevention devices

In 2011 we redeployed approximately $1.7 million in retail store fixtures for one client alone. Due to our redeployment program, that same client was also able to take credit for diverting over 5 million lbs. of material from the landfill.

Donation Program

While the concept seems simple, our Donation Program is a pioneer in its own right. Patriot has developed a network of legitimate, non-profit organizations and charities that can accept assets that have reached the end of their life-cycle. As experts in this area, we will work with all necessary departments within your company to cover any red tape or fine print you may encounter. Keep in mind that donated assets are diverted assets, thus minimizing your effect on the environment. (Reporting available for LEED projects)

Why donate and not recycle everything?

Two reasons:

1. Recycling takes energy, thus making donation a more eco-friendly activity and exactly why “reuse” is above “recycle” in the pyramid.

2. Donations are a form of philanthropy. Let the communities in which you do business know that you care by helping out within your region.

Brand Protection:

We understand that your branding is your most valuable asset. Patriot technicians have been trained to remove branding from fixtures, furniture, and any other items that may be seen the public.


Our partners within the community help make all of this possible. Here is a list of some of the non-profits we have partnered with to make large scale asset donations possible:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Goodwill
  • Local churches
  • Local schools

All of our clients receive quarterly sustainability reporting. These reports will include items such as: diversion rate, carbon emissions, recycled weights and materials, donated assets, etc. Patriot has worked on numerous LEED certified buildings and handled reporting to certification agencies.

Reverse Logistics and Lifecycle Management

By leveraging our infrastructure and expertise in the logistics and storage industry, we are able to optimize the aftermarket activity for all items in your facility that have reached the end of their lifecycle. Not only does this practice reduce your company’s impact on the environment, it also reduces your waste management cost. Our dispatch team and trained technicians will work with you to create a plan to coordinate the capture of these items with other deliveries, simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint and costs.

There are many companies that focus on the logistics and planning of how to get a product to its end user, but who focuses on the logistics and planning of what to do once it has reached the end of its lifecycle? Patriot Logistics does.

We specialize in capturing items that have reached the end of their life-cycle in a cost-effective manner. After we capture these items, we are able to maximize their value and/or minimize the impact they have on the environment.

There are a few options for an items final destination. Here are a few examples of the options you have for your fixtures or furniture once they have reached the end of their first life-cycle:

  • Refurbishment and redeployment
  • Donation
  • Recycle
  • Landfill (last resort)

As stakeholder demands for corporate social responsibility grow, commitments to environmental and economic sustainability become increasingly important. Reverse logistics and lifecycle management are crucial programs to a company’s success in the CSR arena. By utilizing these programs, we will show you a drastic reduction in your carbon footprint and a substantial improvement in your triple bottom line.

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