Our reengineering and remanufacturing program is truly unique. Patriot Project Managers have been trained on how to spot design flaws, improve design, and have an item manufactured at the best possible value. There are two common reasons our clients need this service: either a product has a flawed design or the product is no longer manufactured by the original company. No matter the reason, Patriot can build you a better item for better value.

Keeping your stores up to date can be tough when a fixture manufacturer has discontinued a model or produced a weak design. Some managers may feel that a complete refresh is their only option, but it’s not! Let Patriot reengineer your product with a stronger design at a cheaper price.  By employing this practice, you will have increased flexibility and reduced cost.


Although we are not limited to the following, here are some items we have reengineered in the past:

  • Metal Legs
  • Hardware
  • Metal Handles
  • Miscellaneous metal covers and grommets
  • Acrylic display hangers
  • Acrylic graphic holders
  • Acrylic display cases and shadow boxes
  • In store donation receptacles for items such as cellular phones
  • Customer seating: cloth, wood, and metal benches


As noted above, we are not limited to the items listed. Patriot Project Managers pride themselves on their ability to provide innovative solutions.


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