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Patriot logistics is much more than a logistics company; we are partners helping to make retail facilities more profitable while reducing their impact on the environment. Although we are headquartered in Stockton California, we service the entire Western United States through our facilities in: Riverside CA, Glendale AZ, Centennial CO, and Kent WA. All of our facilities provide customized solutions and services for retailers as well as a full spread on service offerings for industrial batteries in network and data centers. If you are looking through the Yellowpages for a vendor to support all aspects of your operation from freight to stores, you can end your search because we are committed to providing the highest level of service in our industry.

Patriots’ team follows three core values, hunger, humility, and honesty. Everyday our team members push each other to strive to exemplify these values in everything that we do. Some may ask, “Why hunger”? It’s simple really. Ideals and goals are great, but without maintaining constant, relentless, drive and motivation, they can quickly become little more than a pretty sign on a wall. Day in and day out the Patriot team is constantly driving themselves to meet their goals and be the best in the business. Humility or the act of being humble can be defined as “courteously respectful” or “not proud or arrogant”. While we take pride in what we do, and we truly feel that we are the best in the business, we also recognize that there is no room for foolish pride in the business setting. Through humility, we ensure that we all play our assigned roles on the team and create a friendly and approachable environment for our clients as well as employees. Perhaps the most important of our core values is honesty. With everyone striving to be on top and beat out the competition, cutting corners can be a tempting act. As stated previously, we at Patriot consider ourselves to be partners rather than vendors. That being said, it is evident that the first step to any healthy partnership is honesty. Honesty is something that is always within the control of individuals. There are many things that are of personal control, but honesty is not one of them. It is because of these facts that we consider honesty to be of the utmost importance both within our team and in our relationships with our clients.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the Patriot Team! As we approach the New Year we are currently experiencing a time of growth and stability. We have doubled our capacity and are looking forward to working with several new clients in 2013. You can reach us at 1-(888) 296-2995 or email us at Also don’t forget to like us @ and follow us on twitter @PatriotLogistic

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