Network Services

Our specialized network solutions technicians have everything it takes to manage your network facilities, towers, and rural/rugged terrain sites. Our facilities and teams are rated to store and transport high value network equipment, industrial batteries, I.T. racks, and any of your other network needs. Patriot’s Network Team has performed installations from San Francisco roof tops to rugged mountaintops in rural areas.

We are currently servicing several aspects of the network supply chain, including:

  • Storage and transportation national network operations. For this aspect of the supply chain, we run a completely secure facility for high value items. This facility is caged, monitored with surveillance cameras, and alarmed. We also require I.D. badges, sign in and escort for any entry to the facility. Due to the sensitivity of the items involved in this operation, our clients consider it a top priority that only Patriot technicians touch the product at all points in the supply chain. This is yet another example of why employee-run teams are essential to a quality operation.
  • Network equipment staging facilities are regional staging facilities that handle a wide range of equipment for cellular sites and data centers. We work with these facilities to coordinate pick-up, delivery, installation, removal, and disposal. Our teams are fully equipped and trained to handle any network equipment in any location.

We currently service locations such as:

  • Switch rooms
  • Data centers
  • Cellular sites
  • Antennas
  • Data bunkers and cache sites

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