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With the rise in labor costs and the increasing complexity of customers’ lives, bill payment kiosks are becoming ever more popular in the retail industry. Customers are constantly in search of businesses that will make their experience quick and easy from product selection to bill payment. Effective automation may meet some resistance from consumers, but most studies show that consumers prefer an experience in which they can get in and out of a retail facility quickly.

Patriot Logistics has partnered with major retailers in the U.S. to ease the implementation of their payment kiosk systems. While we do not participate in any manufacturing or software management for these machines, we do specialize in: procurement, storage, transportation, installation, removal, and unit recycling.  Over the course of the last two years we have deployed and removed several hundred payment kiosks. Patriot technicians will meet and game plan with your facilities managers to do an onsite survey for unit placement and handle every step of the process from there.

Our teams understand that every minute your store is open represents an opportunity for sales and therefore we cannot disrupt the calculated environment that you have worked so hard to create. If your policies allow it, our technicians will perform all work before or after your  hours of operation to ensure your consumer experience is not affected. Many retail managers believe that most of their customers would prefer to simply pay their bills online. This is a valid concern and many of your customers will in fact pay their bills online. So why should you install payment kiosks in your facility? There are several reasons. The first is that while web payments are the preferred method and still trending, many people do not have internet access, don’t trust web payments, and/or simply prefer to pay in store and with cash.

One benefit these customers will often be looking for is an instant verification of payment, which is exactly what they receive with these machines. A customer can pay in store and within seconds know that their bill is taken care of. Some strategics to keep in mind regarding the placement of your Payment Kiosks: Keep them in plain sight, where a small line won’t interfere with store operations, and be sure to place them where your customer service representatives can see them. If you keep them in plain sight, you may appeal to the intrigue of customers standing in line, walking by, or browsing. By keeping the line from interfering with operations, you ensure positive feelings associated with the kiosks, and by allowing your customer service representatives to see them at all times, you can ensure that your customers receive help when they need it and prevent a negative sentiment towards your new system.

Once you have decided which route to take, contact us @ 1-888-296-2995 or and we can provide you with a stress-free installation and deployment program.


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