Carpet Recycling


Carpet recycling is one of our primary methods of waste diversion and reuse at Patriot Logistics. Our process is similar to

that of our other recycling programs except for one key difference. Shaw, the manufacturer of this particular carpet tile

goes above and beyond to help ensure their carpet is recycled. By combining the Patriot and Shaw resources, our Southwest

Facility was able to reclaim over 14,000 lbs. of carpet tile material from the landfill in July of 2012. Patriot was

recently presented with a Certificate of Environmental Stewardship from Shaw, which we our team is very excited about. “It

is great to see a new program be so successful in it’s early stages of development” said Jarred Hettinger, Manager of

Sales and Marketing at Patriot.

Patriot primarily services retail facilities with programs that cover installation and removal of store fixtures. Along

with fixtures, Patriot also stores, transports and installs items like carpet. In an effort to reduce costs to clients and

carbon emissions, patriot bundles work together to be as logistically efficient as possible. The carpet reclamation program

is a prime example of this. Patriot receives work orders from facilities managers or through the hotline to deliver new

carpet. Project Managers at Patriot then coordinate with the other vendors involved to execute the delivery of new carpet

with the pickup of the old carpet. By storing and staging construction materials and display fixtures at Patriot’s regional

warehouses, arranging jobs like this can be done quickly and extremely cost effectively.

The carpet reclamation program at Patriot can be easily implemented for your next carpet upgrade of your retail facilities.

We can store and stage all of your carpet at our regional warehouses at competitive rates. The same can be done for store

refreshes and new product releases. It is important to keep in mind that if something is going into your stores, something

will almost definitely have to come out. When Patriot is executing your jobs, both can be managed at the same time. What

does this mean for you? It means that you will see a drastic decrease in your invoices as well as your carbon footprint.

Your cost savings will primarily be realized through reduction in drive time, labor, and vendor to vendor pickups and

drop-offs. By utilizing Patriot, you can eliminate several vendors from your supply chain which will simplify your

operations and ease the stress of facilities managers. Patriot will also be able to assist you in your corporate social

responsibility efforts by providing clients with project, quarterly, and annual sustainability reports.

Once again we would like to congratulate our Southwest facility and Don Smith who is our regional manager there on

recycling 14,222 lbs. of carpet tiles from a clients retail facilities. We would also like to thank Shaw Carpet for going

above and beyond to make reclaiming their materials simple and effective.

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