Asset Tracking Case Study


The client referred to in this case study has chosen to remain anonymous. This client has over 500 stores in their West Area. Due to all of the capitol assets in those stores, the finance department was in need of a tracking system that documented an assets life from installation to retirement. This would require a management process that would utilize a software program to track inventory with barcodes, but the client neither had the time nor equipment to do this quickly enough.

The Finance Department for the West Area came to Patriot Logistics in need of an asset tracking system that would:

  • Barcode assets in stores.
  • Use a web based inventory system.
  • Perform complete inventories of stores.
  • Track store asset movements.
  • Web based inventory tracking system.
  • Track warehouse inventory online.

Patriots’ familiarity with their clients’ stores and the frequency in which they serviced work orders helped to make this process a seamless integration.

This client has over 500 stores in their West Area.  Due to all of the capitol assets in those stores, the finance department was in need of a tracking system.

Patriot’s client had no experience with this type of project so they turned to their trusted logistics and service vendor.

They needed Patriot to do the following:

  • Design and implement a system that would track assets in stores and as they moved in and out
  • Develop an inventory system that integrated their internal asset information with the serialized information that Patriot collects and manages.

Patriot was able to develop the TOPS program for tracking and barcoding assets at all new stores and remodels. Due to their method of bundling work orders, they were able to do this at significantly reduced cost because the store inventories could be performed in conjunction with other work at the store or in the area.

Patriot has launched warranty support information into this same process so that warranties can be managed saving repurchasing of assets or double purchasing of assets.


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