Logistics Programs

This program is an integrated assembly of resources, capabilities, and technology of our own organization and other organizations. The objective of this program is to design, build, and manage comprehensive supply chain solutions. This means that you tell us what you want, and we figure out the logistics and details of how to best provide the finished product. By doing this, we allow you to focus on managing your facilities, employees, and your bottom line.

Patriot is self-performing, however if it make more sense to send an item via air-freight or FedEx, we will do it because it is more cost effective for both members of the partnership. We do not utilize these methods for sensitive material because it limits our ability to ensure quality.

The integration of resources is more of a reference to inter-department assembly of resources. Our team can work with your facilities managers to identify your needs and then execute all aspects of the project, which includes:

  • Writing the order with our Customer Service department
  • Assigning the warehouse order to pull and stage
  • Coordination for time-specific delivery and installation
  • During and “after-hours” work
  • Removal and disposal

All of our services can be provided on a individual work order or project basis. The more communication and planning, the more efficient we become. By bundling work orders together or executing jobs as projects, we can minimize costs and our carbon footprint.


Supply Chain Management Program

Utilizing our third party logistics and storage departments, we provide services for part or all of your supply chain management functions. Third party logistics providers typically specialize in integrated operation, warehousing, and transportation services. We go beyond the standard definition to tailor fit a comprehensive program that aligns our 3PL services with our other programs. By integrating these services together, we can reduce your costs and lead time, as well as help your push towards corporate social responsibility.

We cover nearly every aspect of the supply chain for retail facilities, including:

  • Materials and product procurement
  • Inventory  and asset tracking
  • Inventory storage
  • Warehousing
  • Order staging
  • Transportation
  • Installation and removal
  • Waste diversion

Programs we offer to cover these aspects of the supply chain are:

  • Customer Service and 24 hr. availability (staffed with Patriot employees)
  • Project management
  • 4th Party logistics program
  • Reverse logistics programs

Our priority is to build strong, lasting relationships with our partners through the creation of innovative and comprehensive service programs. We are a flexible company working in a standardized industry. Patriot will work with you to identify all of your needs and develop a custom solution.

Reverse Logistics and Lifecycle Management

By leveraging our infrastructure and expertise in the logistics and storage industry; we are able to optimize the aftermarket activity for all items in your facility that have reached the end of their lifecycle. Not only does this practice reduce your company’s impact on the environment, it also reduces your waste management cost. Our dispatch team and trained technicians will work with you to create a plan to coordinate the capture of these items with other deliveries, simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint and costs.

There are many companies that focus on the logistics and planning of how to get a product to its end user, but who focuses on the logistics and planning of what to do once it has reached the end of its lifecycle? Patriot Logistics does.

We specialize in capturing items that have reached the end of their lifecycle is a cost-effective manner. After we capture these items, we are able to maximize their value and/or minimize the impact they have on the environment.

There are a few options for an items final destination. Here are a few examples of the destinations we utilize:

  • Refurbishment and redeployment
  • Donation
  • Recycle
  • Landfill (last resort)

As stakeholder demands for corporate social responsibility grow, commitments to environmental and economic sustainability. Reverse logistics and lifecycle management are crucial programs to a company’s success in the CSR arena. By utilizing these programs, we will show you a drastic reduction in your carbon footprint and a substantial improvement in your triple bottom line.

Product Launch and Roll-Outs

Patriot has launched product merchandising and displays for everything from the hottest, new smartphone in a wireless store to new refreshment counters in mini-marts. Our launch and rollout programs are completely comprehensive. This means that we can handle every step of your project, which includes:

  • Receiving and sorting product
  • Delivery and installation
  • Fixture removal and disposal
  • Cost analysis
  • Environmental reporting

These projects are often time-sensitive and sometimes confidential. Patriot Project Managers have years of experience coordinating simultaneous delivery across the Western United States.

If something goes in, something comes out:

With corporate restrictions and direction on store floor plans, it is absolutely essential that vendors coordinate the installation of a new display with the removal of another. Not to worry, Patriot can do it all. Not only will we remove your old displays and fixtures, we will also haul them away and recycle every possible piece. We currently hold a 91% diversion rate for our entire operation.


Facilities managers usually run a tight ship when it comes to budget items. This led us to develop our cost analysis and environmental reporting.

Cost analysis reporting will demonstrate the following project costs:

  • Cost per store
  • Items delivered and removed from store
  • Hours billed
  • And any other data that your directors may require.

Environmental reporting consists of:

  • Material recycled in Lbs.
  • Material donated in Lbs.
  • C02 Emissions created and saved as a result of project execution
  • Fuel used for project
  • Miles travelled
  • And any other data that your directors may require.

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